Social Media Means Business – Time To Embrace It Once And For All

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Social Media Means Business

Have you ever been among a group of peers, clients or colleagues who are discussing a newsworthy or business related topic of which you know nothing about? It’s embarrassing and can undermine your credibility quickly. It can leave you wondering how you are the only person that isn’t in the know. Social media has taken hold as the modern form of communication. It hasn’t replaced our methods of the past, but rather, given us a faster way to receive and send information.

– Driving down the road – check for traffic up ahead.

– Want to know the news minute by minute – hop on Twitter for instant updates.

– Haven’t seen old friends since school – connect via Facebook and Google+

The list goes on and on…

So, why do so many still sit on their couches seeing hashtags referenced on TV and hope this ‘fad’ will just go away? Why is there an intimidation factor when it comes to using this hyper connected method of communication? Perhaps social media’s start made it tough for ‘adults’ to hop on the bandwagon. Platforms like MySpace, Facebook and Twitter originally attracted teens as a way to gossip, update their whereabouts or carry on about school crushes.  It could be because those adults were “people-people” and all of this technology was not for them.

But social media has grown up. It’s relevant. It’s so relevant, in fact, that without it, you aren’t. (TWEET THIS)

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Social Business is Here to Stay

Picture this: You are sitting around a client conference table as they discuss newsworthy alerts they just received, while you are still waiting to watch the evening news. Your coworkers are boarding your plane, having insight into the traffic issues you are still sitting in. Your networking contact at the company you hope to join just got promoted and is actively recruiting, but you don’t find out until the next time you two have coffee months later. The client you have been targeting for months via post cards and flyers, just hired your competitor that connected with them on social media sites. (Read, 6 Tips to Get You Ready to Flex Your Social Media Muscle)

Relevancy goes beyond being trendy. It reaches further than just knowing what social media is. Relevancy means getting you the information you need to be productive, make faster and more educated decisions. Social media helps you stay in the know as events unfold, letting you take advantage of opportunities the second they’re available. It’s an immediate path to anyone and everyone that is relevant to you.  Social media is taking hold and has become the new normal. Like the internet in the 90’s, you may not understand why you need it, but through continued learning and use, you’ll soon wonder how you ever lived without it.


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