Always Have the Last Word on Your Social Media Accounts

Have the last word in your social media posts

Replies and Comments on Social Media Accounts are Good Social Business

I drove my mother absolutely crazy as a child.  Regardless of the discussion or argument, I ALWAYS had to have the last word. (My husband would tell you that I haven’t changed either.) 

Me: I did not spray Cindy’s hamster with Lysol.

My Mother: Get in your room and I don’t want to hear another word from you!

Me: I’ll be in here but you are still going to hear me telling you that I didn’t spray that stinky hamster!

My Mother: Why must you always have the last word?

Me: Because you keep asking me questions!

Oh I was a terror! Thank the Lord my children didn’t repay me for that torture I dished out.  However, I have learned that having the last word is very important in social media conversations.  When someone posts a question or a comment on one of your pages, you should always have the last word.  Watch those pages and profiles at least a few times a day and respond in a timely manner.  If you are not accustomed to checking in on your accounts, you may want to turn the notifications ON.  After you have the habit of checking in regularly on your pages and profiles, I suggest turning off notifications because they are redundant and who needs more email?

When someone simply comments on something you posted, follow up with an additional question or at the very least, thank them for their comment or just for being social with you.  Encourage the behavior you want to see repeated and nurture the relationships by letting the person know their comment hasn’t gone unnoticed.  

reply to comments on social media to encourage conversations 

Have you ever left a comment on a blog or on a social media page that had asked a question and you wonder if anyone ever saw it?  Worse, have you ever asked a question on a page and never heard back?  Why bother going back? Obviously it is a dumping zone for their content and no real conversations take place there.  
when you don't comment back on social media posts

Talking back may get children in trouble, but it will help your relationships on social media accounts! Now go to your room and I expect to hear from you soon!


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