Love the One You’re With: Reward Your Loyal Fans on Social Media

What are you doing to nurture your fans on social media platforms?

LIKE our page.  FOLLOW us on Twitter.  CIRCLE us on Google+.  Just like new shoes, your heart beats fast when you first see them and you’re excited to wear them the first few times and then you find yourself looking at the next season’s collection.

When it comes to building and nurturing the social communities, many brands do the same thing.  The focus is on getting new fans, getting new followers! NEW NEW NEW.  What about those comfortable, well-worn fans who always comment on your posts, or that person who shares your photos with their communities?  It’s time we take a piece of advice from Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, and Love the One You’re With.

Do you know who your top 5 fans are on Facebook or LinkedIn?  Who are the top 5 people who engage with your brand on Twitter?  Find out and make a point this week to thank them for their ideas, comments and just for being so FABULOUS!  I’ve seen folks on Twitter post (using an auto-generated tool) things like “Thanks to our top engaged fans this week” but it’s usually thanking people who share a lot of their own content or just for following that particular account. As a fan, I want to hear that you value my input, you like my ideas, and gosh darn it, that you LIKE ME!

Have SUPER FAN FRIDAYs and post something with their names on it. Everyone likes to see they were mentioned in a personal way. Here’s a fun graphic from Heather Lutze at Findability University, rewarding behavior she wants to see more of.

super fan friday on social media

Go one step further and actually go to the profiles and pages of your top fans and comment on things they are posting.  LIKE THEM!  Show them the same love they show you.  Perhaps you can find out their mailing address (or ask them to send it in a private message) and send them some swag from your company.  Starbucks (and many other places) offer electronic gift cards so you can easily send one via direct or private messages.

reward social media fans with fun gifts

There are a few brands that do this so well. Perky Jerky is one of them.  If you have never had Perky Jerky, you must seek it out. Beg your grocery store to get it in stock. It is the BEST tasting jerky on this planet and then it doesn’t hurt that it contains a bit of PERK (Guarana).  I couldn’t have survived my week on Kilimanjaro last summer if it weren’t for Perky Jerky, but I digress. Like me, there are thousands of fans that share, comment and ask questions on their social sites, but “The Jerk Man” replies, likes and thanks the fans, making people feel extra special that the JERK MAN likes them.  The company regularly features their fans on their website, making people feel super special (My Kili pic was featured of course).

highlight your fans on social media

So as you are striving to get all of those OTHER people to like you, remember, “If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with!”

Who else do you see doing social RIGHT?  What other ideas can you share on how to reward or recognize your fans?  We’d love to hear!

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