Great Gadgets: Social Marketing On The Go

Social Marketing On the Go

With so much on a social marketing professional’s plate today, having GREAT tools is more important than ever.  You can’t afford to wait until you are back at your desk or in front of your computer, to respond to questions or share a photo that you just took at an event.  You need a superstar smart phone.  You need great tools that help you do your social marketing on the go. The model you choose is not as important as what it should be able to do for you.  Smart phones are for more than reading email.  Tablets are more than a digital photo album.  You need to make sure you learn to use the devices you have to do the work that needs to be done.

Here is a short TIP OF THE DAY video that says it all:

If you need more help with your social marketing, here is our checklist of daily activities that will get you started:




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Checklist of daily activities for your social marketing and social media