My Daily Schedule for Social Media Management

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I have had people say they just want to follow me around to see what my daily schedule for social media is and how I fit everything into my day.  I think it could be kind of creepy if you all came over and followed me while I was still in my red fuzzy robe and curlers (does anyone still sleep in curlers?), so I figured documenting at least my morning routine would be the next best thing.  You will find a more detailed schedule, at the bottom, that one of our Rock Star community managers, Misty, put together for our team, but here is how I get started.

6:00 am          Wake up and get that first cup of coffee going as I feed the pups. I then sit and browse through Flipboard and Feedly to see what has happened while I dared to sleep.


6:30 am          Using SproutSocial, I schedule any of the great nuggets I found to drop throughout the day.  I don’t want to dump 10 posts on people all at once.  I also sprinkle in a few of my thoughts that have, by now, popped into my head.  Tips or random social media points that get scheduled into this mix.

Still using SproutSocial, I see if there are comments or questions that need my attention.  Because I do this throughout the day and right up until I shut everything down at night, I shouldn’t have too much to do here.


6:45 am          Spend 5-10 minutes on each social platform scanning the newsfeeds.  I’m looking for the interesting and helpful content that I can LIKE, share, +1 or comment on.  I make sure to follow anyone on Twitter, or circle on Google+, that I see having smart conversations with others or that I see sharing great content.


7:15am           Spend 30-60 minutes writing a blog post.  If I have draft ideas already started, it’s and easy 30 minutes. If I get stuck, I think of a question I saw in the newsfeed or one that we got from someone in the past week to get me started.  If the idea is solid, I go to Shutterstock to pull a few photo options for the post.  If I am ready to post to the blog, I take the photo and jump over to Picmonkey to tweak the photo or add some fun text to personalize for the post.


8:00am           After the post is up, I share it on LinkedIn, Google+, Pin it to Pinterest, Load the photo from the post to Instagram with a link to the post, I schedule it for a Facebook post and send it out on Twitter and schedule it to go out a few more times over the next week.


Now it’s almost 8:30 am and I grab something to eat, get that second cup of coffee and get ready to start the day!

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At the end of each day, I scan through the profiles of new followers on Twitter to connect with all that look legit(no whacknuts or creepers), I check LinkedIn for new messages and invites to connect with, I pop over to Google+ to scan once again messages, newsfeed and circle those who have added me that day.  I check in with Facebook last, since my team members know to direct message me with anything urgent and most of my notifications are from my mother, who comments on everything!

Do you have a routine?  I’d love to hear what some of your social habits are.  Share with us one thing you do every morning to connect with your community.


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