Staying Ahead In The Social Business Tool Game

Stay Ahead in The Social Business Tools Game: How to open yourself to new tools, resources and shortcuts.

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In a recent client meeting we were discussing taking some of the photos from an event and adding their logo and web address to them in Picmonkey and then taking the market stats and plugging then into Canva, a cool new tool to make an infographic.

Our client’s assistant looked over at us and asked, “How do you learn about all of these cool tools? I’ve never heard of these?”  Hmm, that’s a great question.  We just keep our eyes and ears open through different blogs we read and then we go over to explore them to see how we could use them in our business.  Whether it’s Dropbox to store our documents and photos in the cloud for easy access while on the road, or InstaSize to take those rectangle photos and load them to Instagram without cropping the entire thing, we try them all.

It’s easy to get stuck using the same tools you have always used and get so busy that you don’t make time to explore and learn about new tools and shortcuts to do your job.

Here are 3 things you can do to open yourself to new tools, resources and shortcuts:


  1. Subscribe to 3 random industry magazines

    Subscribe to your interest areas on Flipboard (a customizable magazine that pulls content into a beautiful news display every time you open it on your smartphone or tablet).
    In the “old days” I would suggest subscribing to a few random magazines, but now you can get the same content in a free digital format.  If you are a Realtor, select interests like aviation, wine or meetings and events industry news.  If you are a government position, select industries like travel, mountaineering or auto mechanic news. Break from the traditional sources that everyone else in your industry is reading, or at least ADD TO what everyone else is reading.

  2. Browse your app store (iTunes or Android Play) monthly.

    Looking under business categories to try a new app or two each month.  Read the reviews on apps before downloading and look for those with lots of downloads already (gives you an idea of how popular the app is).  If it has 100-200 downloads, that’s not a whole lot.  10,000 or 200,000 downloads tells you it has been tried and tested.  Subscribe to sites like Mashable/Tech to stay in the know as well.

  3. Talk to people.

    Whenever I am chatting with someone, I ask them what their favorite app or tool is for building business or helping in their marketing.  You will hear all kinds of things.  I also have a teenager and I learn a ton from her.  She is always showing me a great photo editing app or one that allows you to square up those photos before loading to Instagram.

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We’d love to learn from YOU.  What are your favorite tools or apps? How do YOU keep ahead of the game and continue to STAND OUT in the social ocean?  Please tell us in the comment section.


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