What are QR Codes and Why Should You Care?

Perhaps you’ve seen them on the bottom of magazine ads, on plants in Home Depot’s garden center, in the windows of stores, or on realtor signs—QR CODES.  Those odd looking codes that look more like a maze or puzzle of some sort.

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According to Wikipedia: A QR Code is a matrixbarcode (or two-dimensional code), readable by QR scanners, and smartphones. The code consists of black modules arranged in a square pattern on white background. The information encoded can be text, URL or other data.

QR Codes are like hyperlinks on our physical world!  You simply open the scanner app (see our favorites to download below) and with the camera on your phone, hover over the code to be taken to videos, websites, even a social media site. Try the two above.  They are no longer just black and white either.  If you go to QRStuff you will see a world of possibilities.

In real estate it can open up a home digitally, when no one is there to let you in physically.  No more crinkled or soggy flyers in a box. Scan a QR code on the “FOR SALE” sign and go on a virtual tour and then click the link at the end to connect with the realtor.

Stores can allow people to see inside even when they are closed.  Put a QR code on clothing tags and take people to a video that shows how to take an outfit from the office to date night or how to accessorize with great scarves.

To make your code, simply take the URL (web address that starts with http://), copy it and paste it into a site like QR Stuff or Kaywa to have it turned into the code.  Now download the code (usually as a PNG or JPG image file).  Now put it anywhere you’d like.  Let your creativity flow…how could use these hyperlinks in your business?  What’s the most creative use you have seen?  (Tell us in the comment area below)

Do you need a good QR/Barcode scanner for your phone? Here are a couple (FREE) favorites:

Android: QR Barcode Scanner

iPhone/iPad: QuickScan

Have more questions about using today’s tools to build your business?  I’d love to answer them.

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