Three Tips To Help You Raise Great Kids…Or Social Media Sites

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If you’re new to social media marketing, you’re most likely feeling overwhelmed, under its control and a slave to the computer. Many businesses and business owners struggle with how much attention to give their budding social media sites and ultimately feel defeated, annoyed or wondering if their effort will ever pay off.

Much like a new parent with a small child, you must learn how take control of your social marketing, correct its mistakes while ultimately focusing on what you want it to mature into.

Here are 3 Parenting Tips To Help You With Your Social Marketing:

Nip the Sassy Attitude:

If you are branching out and expanding your marketing efforts using social media, chances are you’re hoping to connect with your customers and potential customers. Beware – as this isn’t always a pleasant experience. Customers are thrilled to connect with you, especially when they want your attention or to share a piece of their mind. If you reciprocate with the same sassy attitude, you’re demonstrating to your readers the lack of importance you place on the customer experience. Instead, diffuse the situation graciously, showing appreciation for their comments, and direct them to a more constructive avenue of communication. Like a child throwing a temper tantrum, don’t ignore it or hide from it, rather address and redirect.

Stop The Mom-Mama-Mommy-Mum-Mummy-Momma-Mom:

Social media is so needy. Many people start off like a ball on fire, connecting with everyone, ready to converse with the world at the drop of a hat. It can quickly become overwhelming when the world starts conversing back. If you have your phone, computer or tablet set up to ping you every time a tweet or comment is posted, you’ll soon feel like a slave to social media, perhaps losing focus on what’s in front of you. Know when to disconnect from gadgets or turn off the alerts all together. Like a new parent, remind yourself you came first – it’s okay to take time for you.

Beware of Bad Influences:

Just like wanting to know who your child is associating with, you’ll want to be wary of those you connect with online. Twitter, for example, is riddled with spammers. Be sure to read bios, monitor the number of followers vs. following they have and ensure their bio pic is appropriate and legitimate. (see also:  4 Things You’re Doing That Smell Like SPAM)  The last thing you want to have happen is for prospects to click on something from your posts and get spammed by those you’re following or worse, for them to review who you are following and question your integrity. Like dad always said: Bad company makes for a bad reputation.

Keep your mind on the future and what you can groom this new ‘child’ to be into, while reminding yourself, you are the boss, the parent and ‘supposedly’ in charge.

Congratulations on your new social bundle of joy!

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