What To Do About All Those Random LinkedIn Notifications


You open your email inbox to see 87 LinkedIn notifications telling you of birthdays, work anniversaries, changes in positions, and more, just in your LinkedIn network.  Do you really need to know about these, and what are you supposed to do, write notes to each one of them? Many times LinkedIn shoots out that auto-message because someone simply updated their profile and added something new.  Do you still shout like a fool, “Way to go on that new position Carol!”?  What about people who send YOU the “congratulations notes” because LinkedIn kicked out the automated update about YOUR work anniversary? You could be here all day replying to all of your adoring fans!

Well, if you are using LinkedIn as a business networking tool, then you treat each notification about others the same as you used to treat those write ups in the Business Journals. “Bob was promoted to Regional Vice President at XYZ.” You didn’t write to every one of them, but you may have clipped out one or two and sent a nice hand-written note telling them you saw their anniversary notice in the paper and you are thrilled to know them, or that you would love to set a time for coffee to see if there is a fit for the two of you to share business leads. (Do you remember those days? I know there’s one of you right now who still does that!)

birthday notifications on LinkedIN and Facebook New job notifications

Perhaps your Franklin-Covey Day Planner had a reminder in it about a client’s birthday coming up. Do you ever send a card?  Leave a voice mail letting them know you are thinking of them on their special day?  Only if you want to stand out and be memorable! You can do the same thing when you see these digital reminders on your social media channels.

When you get 75 messages all telling you “Happy Work Anniversary,” perhaps you write a single post in your status update letting everyone know how appreciative you are that you have such a wonderful and caring network of people and perhaps a nugget of reflective wisdom that you have gleaned over the years of working where you do.

The bottom line is, every single notification is an opportunity to reach out to potential clients, current customers, influencers of others who might become customers, to stay in touch.  Remember, technology is just another tool to reach out and touch someone…even if LinkedIn was wrong use these little reminders to stay in touch with more people in your network and nurture the relationships.  Who knows…that birthday wish could just land you your next big client!

I’d love to hear what you do with those notifications you get.  Are you struggling trying to keep up with all of the beeps, pings and notifications in your world? Let us help you.  Click here to contact us…even if you are laying sprawled out on the floor from exhaustion after replying to all of your notifications!


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