7 Reasons to Use a Facebook Business Page Over A Personal Profile


It’s probably one of the most common questions we get and one of the most common mistakes people make when using Facebook for their business.  “Can I just use my personal profile on Facebook for my business?”  The short answer is, “NO!”  The longer answer has to do with all the reason’s you shouldn’t.

Here are just 7 reasons you need a business page on Facebook today!


  1. You are driving your REAL friends and family NUTS!

    They don’t want to see your business posts every day and while they love you and want to support you in your business ventures…they have probably already blocked your posts so you don’t have as many “friends” as you think you do. (Notice how few party invitations you are getting lately?)  Use your personal profile to build and nurture relationships, not to sell.  A business page may be a little more work to build a community, but at least the people there have chosen to see your business content.

  2. Your personal profile and its posts are not completely public and therefore not always searchable by Google.

    If you are on Facebook to build your business, you want to use a BUSINESS PAGE. All business pages are public…like a website, and therefore indexed and findable by Google and other search engines.  You can definitely use both–your personal profile to connect with people and share events with friends and family, and then occasionally remind people that your meaty business resources are on your business page. If however, you are only on Facebook to reconnect with Scotty Scanlan, or Denise Furgeson, the boy or girl you had a crush on in 7th grade, then keep that personal profile alive and active!

  3. There is a cap on the number of FRIENDS you can have on your personal profile.

    Facebook limits your “friendliness” to 5,000.  While you may not have been prom king or queen, and can’t even fathom reaching that many friends, if you are using it as a business, you certainly could.  A business page has no limit to the number of FANS you can have and you could still be in the running for business king or queen.

  4. A business has no gender and should NEVER be able to POKE someone!

    When you see a business that boasts a birthdate, a gender and even a high school, that is just weird.  The fact that a personal profile can play Word’s With Friends and send a POKE to someone, should be all you need to know to convince you that your business needs to grow up and become a real PAGE and quit pretending to be a person.

  5. You can only take advantage of the most powerful advertising platform from a BUSINESS page and not through a personal profile.

    Most people think Facebook is for collecting LIKES, FANS and getting people to comment on their content.  While those things feel as nice as the soft touch of your great-grandmother’s wrinkly skin on your cheek, the real reason you want to be using Facebook is to capitalize on the fact that there is a network of 1.3 BILLION (that’s billion with a B) people and over 830 MILLION of them are checking their personal home feed DAILY!  With Facebook ads, you don’t have to be friends with someone for your ad to show in their news feed.  Forget going for the page like, and go for the click to your website to join your newsletter, download your free eBook or attend your next webinar.  Use this power tool to actually convert these social networkers into customers!  Your personal profile can’t do that even on its best day.

  6. Facebook could (and will eventually) force you to shut that personal page down or convert it to a business page.

    Facebook terms clearly state that you may have one personal profile and as many business pages as you would like.  You can try to game the system and find different ways around calling your business a different variation of your name and giving it a spouse and children, but you are still breaking the rules and just like trying to claim your dog as an employee or business expense with the IRS, the Facebook police will eventually catch up with you.    Live a clean life and get that business page setup today.

  7. You are being seen as a SPAMMER by people when your business wants to be FRIENDS with them on Facebook.

    A business page is an opt-in page, therefore, I am choosing to receive your information.  When you reach out and send a friend request as a business, you are running the risk of people seeing you as a spammer and turning you in to the Facebook Police!  (They simply click, “report as spam”) Many people have had the Facebook cuffs slapped on them and they were thrown into the slammer blocked from connecting to others or posting on their profile for a period of time.  This penalty time is determined by Facebook and like the cops of New York city, they don’t mess around.  Just ask yourself, “Do I look good in an orange jumpsuit?”

We’d love to hear your opinion or your questions on this matter.  Agree?  Disagree? Completely lost and confused?  Let us know in the comment section below.

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Facebook business page instead of using a personal profile

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