Start These 5 Social Media Habits This Weekend

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I hear it every day.  “I always have good intentions to post more often on my business social media sites, but I just never remember.”  It’s similar to what I say about working out…I always have good intentions to do it every day, but I always forget…until I’m eating ice cream later.  

To have a healthier lifestyle takes work…daily work.  It takes stopping those bad habits of sitting all day or snacking at midnight and implementing a few more good habits, like drinking more water, getting exercise everyday. In your business, you can make small habit changes to start reaping big rewards in the health of your business.  

Here are five good social media habits that you can start this weekend to reap great health for your business.


  1. Take More Photos

    You have a smartphone.  Let’s start using it more often for social media visuals that are unique and tell the story of your brand. Starting this weekend, commit to taking 2 photos every day with your smartphone.  It could be something you see that morning on your walk or drive into work. It might be a photo of you and your team working on a project or at a community event.  Look for the shots that depict the story of your business—the fun side—the behind the scenes activities that make you unique.  You might post them the day you take them or save them for a future post that ties in with the photo.  In our social visual world, you must get in the habit of whipping that smartphone out more often and using great cameras that are on them.

  2. Read More

    Read for 30 min every day (minimum).  You must create a reading habit that keeps you in the know.  Reading about what’s going on in your industry can provide inspiration to blog or to write a quick post and share the articles you are reading.  I use FEEDLY to keep tabs on all my favorite blogs and I have them pulled into SproutSocial so I can quickly browse and read the posts that are of interest.  By committing to this 30 minutes, you will also find many articles that you will want to share with your community as well as with specific individuals.

  3. Craft 20 – 30 Tweets Every Weekend.

    Open up a page on your computer, or dig out that legal pad, and start writing.  Think in short tips, lines you use all the time at work and short answers to common questions.  Using a scheduler like Buffer App, Hootsuite, or SproutSocial, you can schedule them throughout the week.

  4. Carry a Blog Journal

    We are rarely at our desks when inspiration strikes, so by either carrying a small blog journal around we can capture the ideas before they are gone.  I use Evernote and keep a BLOGGING IDEAS notebook filled with potential posts that can be massaged and elaborated on to turn into a blog post at any time.

  5. Offer Gratitude Daily

    Make a habit to thank the people in your social communities that interact with you and your brand.  Tell them you appreciate their comments and shares.  If you are a parent, you know you should always recognize and reward the behaviors you want to see repeated.  I see tweets sent out occasionally that say something to the effect of “Thanks to my top tweeters this week…” and it will list the names of those highly engaged.  I always wish I could meet some of the people I interact with online over coffee in real life and so I started sending a few a virtual cup of coffee using Starbucks eCards or @TweetACoffee program to let them know how much I appreciated having my coffee chats with them.  Whatever you do, make it a habit to recognize those who are spending time with you and your brand each day.

What other habits do you have, or would you like to have, that would make your brand more social?  We’d love to know.  Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments section below.

If you need help managing the daily social media activities that take place each day across your platforms, contact us…we have made it a habit to help others succeed!

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