Facebook’s Decline In Organic Reach Is Nothing To Cry About!

We hear it every day, “Only 5 people saw my last post! What is Facebook doing?”  Well the answer is, they’re making money…lots and lots of money.   Sure you’ve seen a decline in Facebook’s organic reach, or in the number of people on Facebook who see your posts, but let’s look on the bright side….YES there is one.

The days of FREE Facebook are over, and the other sites like Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are already on board or will soon get on board.  Even Ello, which touts its “Ad-Free” (almost sterile) social media site will eventually have to find a way to pay its employees.

 Facebook advertising, how to run ads on Facebook

Here’s the bottom line:  Facebook has over 1.4 BILLION (yes that Billion with a “B” Bob!) users.  The teens have all scattered and are on Snapchat and Instagram (which Facebook owns), so the people left are the ones who have money!

So how do you reach these people with money?  

One thing you don’t want to do is throw your money away on just getting more people to LIKE your page, since they won’t see the content anyway.  You want to drive people from Facebook to your website, to your blog, to your email signup page, to the landing page that gives them a checklist of the Top 10 Tools To Change Their Life (or whatever you do for them) and that landing page pulls their information into your mailing list.  This is far better than a LIKE on your Facebook page.

Facebook has something that is called the UNPUBLISHED POST ad, some call it a DARK POST, and it is a brilliant way for you to reach your target market, whether they have LIKED your page or not.  Your ad does not show up on the right-hand side of the screen with all the weight loss or Viagra ads either.  Your post shows up in the newsfeed of the exact people you want to reach.

targeted ads on Facebook

After you create your visually appealing and well-crafted Facebook ad, you can target it several ways.  

Here are a few examples

  1. Show your ad to anyone who has visited your website, or a specific page on your website. (Did someone look at your pricing or booking page but then leave? Dish up a great post to them the next time they log into Facebook.)  You simply add a tracking pixel (piece of code) to your website to use this type of ad.
  2. Show your ad to people are SIMILAR to the people who have already liked your page.  Now obviously this won’t work well if you have paid for a bunch of LIKES and they are not the target market with their pockets full of money to spend on your products or services.  You would want to use this option if you have a very targeted audience currently on your page…REAL fans!
  3. Show your ad to a very targeted group such as, men between the ages of 37-48 who live in Santa Clara California and who have also liked the “Dumb and Dumber To” Facebook page.  (Let’s all hope, for the sake of mankind, that it would pull a very small sampling!)

You can set an ad budget for $25 or $25,000.  If you are paying for clicks, and you set a maximum budget, you can safely test your ads and track results.

So wipe those tears away, be grateful that Facebook has gotten us all thinking more strategically, and start converting LIKES into LEADS! 

If you need help with your strategic marketing, we hope you would allow us to serve you. If you just have questions, I hope you will contact us!

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