How to use Social Media to Connect with Customers

More and more, companies are utilizing social media marketing, but they’re not sure how to best do it in a way that attracts and connects with current and potential clients. Let’s face it: you don’t love getting bombarded with meaningless junk mail, and neither does your average social media consumer. Here are some tips to help you use social media to connect with your customers:

connect with customers with social media

Talk to them.

Get to know your customer! The first step is know exactly who your target customers are. What are their interests? What do they do in their spare time? What do they value? When and where are they online? Knowing your typical client gives you insight into what interests them, and how to better relate to them. Ask them questions when doing business with them, and note how they talk about your products during face-to-face interactions. Develop a consumer profile of your most typical or ideal customer, and post when that consumer is online, and blog about topics that are near and dear to that consumer.

Talk like your customers on social media, connect using social marketing

Talk like them.

As you get to know your customers, remember that the language they use in those face-to-face interactions is the same language they use when trying to obtain information online. Social media is a great way to engage your customers, but they will only want to engage if they can understand what you are talking about…and they will only find you if you use the language they would use when asking Siri or Google a question in their own, familiar, every-day speak. Bottomline; cut the technical terms and acronyms that only people in your industry use.

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Give them something to talk about.

If you want to engage your customers, give them the opportunity to respond to you! Use Twitter and Facebook and your company blog to ask thought-provoking questions related to your industry that will encourage customers to connect in digital conversation. Give your customers a reason to share the ideas that you post with their circle of friends and networks.

show you care about customers using social media

Give them something to care about.

Don’t just blast your customers with information about your company – be a real human being! Relate to them on an emotional level. Using humor and compassion are great ways to get your customers to stop and pay attention to you. Relay a reason to celebrate. Share a funny or touching incident that happened on the job, with a customer, or in your line of work. If your customer can engage on a human level, they won’t passively scroll past another meaningless advertisement post.

build trust with social media

Give them a reason to trust you.

You are an expert in your industry. You have insider tricks and tools that the average person does not. So share them. Use social media to offer tips on how to improve your customers’ lives or their business, from the perspective that others – including the Internet – can’t.  Show them that you know what you’re talking about.  Often times, potential clients will read your tips and realize that they don’t have the time nor the means to do what you are suggesting, and you’ll win new customers as a result!

Remember, the average person – your customer – does not join social networks to see the newest and latest advertisement. They are there to connect. So get to know them and give them a reason to connect with you!

We’d love to connect with you and learn more about you and your business.  Let us know if you have questions or we can be of service to you in any way.


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Reagan Sowa received her bachelor’s degree in marketing from Southern Methodist University.  After working in various marketing positions for a few years, and helping her husband start and grow his business, she received a master’s degree in secondary education from the University of Denver and now teaches Business and Marketing.  She loves connecting with people, as well as skiing, running, writing, and reading, but her favorite thing in life is raising her two amazing children.