‘Tis the Season to be Using Social Media


The Holidays are upon us, and consumers are upping their phone usage, looking for Thanksgiving recipes, gift ideas, celebration outings, workout regimes… Now is a great time for businesses to develop an incredible online presence that consumers will appreciate and even have fun with.  Marketers can use social media to really connect with their customers.  Take the next few months to develop some fun, quirky social media campaigns to increase consumer traffic to your business!

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Use Social Media To Express Gratitude

November is the month of Thanksgiving.  Set aside a few days in the month to give thanks. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, offer incredible platforms to announce gratitude for your consumers, your vendors, your employees, your industry, and those who inspire you on a day-to-day basis.  You can even take a couple days to just express gratitude for those things that all people can connect with – family, friends, freedom, health…  Inspire thanksgiving within your customers, and keep them intrigued – who and what will you thank tomorrow?  Use pictures to visually show what you’re grateful for, and use videos to verbally tell your customers, “Thank You!”

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Use Social Media to Take People Back to Their Childhood

December is a great month to bring out some nostalgia in customers.  You can take them back to their childhood with a daily advent calendar, and encourage curiosity for what they will find the next day. In your count-down to Christmas, you can have visual doors or packages opening to unique tips and advice that only you, the expert, could offer.  Some days you could offer a few discounts or special promotions.  Have some doors open to reminding customers to breath, and others encouraging holiday cheer.

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Use Social Media to Help Your Customers Keep Resolutions

January is a month of resolutions.  It’s a great time to encourage customers to make their lives easier by using your services.  Use videos to demonstrate industry “how-to’s” that you will remind them they finally need to get around to.  Offer inspiration for becoming the person, or business that they want to be, and use the insider quirks that only you can.

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Use Social Media to Express Your Love for Your Customers and Community

February is another opportunity for businesses to capitalize on a holiday in social media.  Use a social media campaign to celebrate the month of love!  Tell your customers and your employees that you love them!  Show pictures of your employees loving what they are doing, behind the scenes, and share some quotes from satisfied customers, who loved what you did for them.

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Using seasonal social media marketing strategies can help you to develop fun, quirky, and creative social media buzz, and it can make your customers to want to connect with you more!

We’d love to hear your ideas.  What are some creative ways you can use social media to connect during the holidays? And of course if you need help connecting with your customers during the holidays…CONTACT US NOW! 



Reagan Sowa Social media blogging marketingReagan Sowa received her bachelor’s degree in marketing from Southern Methodist University.  After working in various marketing positions for a few years, and helping her husband start and grow his business, she received a master’s degree in secondary education from the University of Denver and now teaches Business and Marketing.  She loves connecting with people, as well as skiing, running, writing, and reading, but her favorite thing in life is raising her two amazing children.