Take Advantage of Marketing Trends – Read these 3 Tips

marketing trends

Do you feel overwhelmed with all there is to do in branding your business? With so many marketing trends and the constant upkeep of what’s working and what’s not, it’s certainly understandable you may feel like you’re spinning too many plates in the air. Have some come crashing down already? Take comfort – you’re not the only one.

Technology provides us with an exciting ability to get in front of our customers and learn more about their buying patterns and habits. If your time is best spent focusing on your industry expertise and not the marketing side of it, look no further than this post. As a digital strategist who is daily in the trenches, these three tips will bring a boost to amp up your marketing efforts.

LinkedIn – are you connected?

LinkedIn has become an integral part in marketing yourself as a personal brand as well as your business’s brand. Don’t mistake it for a chatty social network site with an onslaught of adorable puppy pictures. While we adore our four legged friends and treat them like family, LinkedIn is for professional connections. Think of it as a cocktail party you want to be a part of, not a backyard barbecue with everyone and their brother.

Use LinkedIn to keep up with industry news, key players in your industry, and share relevant content. Join groups. Don’t just lurk, but participate. Share your opinion. Add any articles you’ve found interesting or valuable pertaining to your line of work. Connect with previous colleagues. Explore.

How do you use LinkedIn? Jeff Bullas calls LinkedIn the poor second cousin of the social networking fraternity with its glamorous siblings Facebook and Twitter hogging the limelight. Despite it seeming like a quieter site on the whole, there are powerful connections to be made. LinkedIn is where the movers and shakers hang out and get their updates.

We are in an unprecedented time when we are able, through technology and social media channels, to connect with game changers in our industries.  As a savvy businessperson, why wouldn’t you want to be a player in that game?

To top off with a cherry on the LinkedIn sundae of connections, this particular channel drives more traffic to corporate websites and blogs than any other social network. Professionals are signing up to join LinkedIn at a rate of more than two new members per second. What are you waiting for?

Warning: when you first start connecting with others, depending on their notification settings you may feel bombarded with an abundance of notices regarding birthdays and job advancements. SocialKNX has a helpful article regarding how to manage these, keeping some at bay and taking advantage of others with the knowledge they relay. Consider this like a business journal where announcements are made, and decide what you want to do with it.

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Instagram – you don’t have to say cheese!

At 4.21%, Brand Engagement Rates Highest on Instagram. What was once a photo only platform available on IOS has now transformed into Android and web interface usage. Companies and brands are taking advantage of the visual storytelling of their products.

Marketers often talk about letting some personality show in your brand and we’ve mentioned before how important it is to let others peek behind the proverbial curtain of your business from time to time. Instagram is the perfect platform to carry this strategy through. Time to showcase that we are in the era of human to human connections!

Try not to have too much fun choosing a filter and playing around. You’ll find the more you use Instagram, the better pictures you’ll take. Hmm…sound familiar? Practice makes perfect. Except on Instagram, you don’t have to be perfect. Be you.

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Tradeshows – how’s your hashtag?

When you participate in tradeshows and conferences, what kind of prep work do you do prior to arrival? Besides checking out the best restaurants online and getting your Uber driver lined up for after conference sight-seeing, one of the best items to cross of your to-do list is to find out the conference hashtag. When you key in a search with the hashtag on Twitter, it automatically saves in your search queue. You can go back to your search column at any time and select the conference hashtag, and voila! All tweets with the hashtag are shown. Use this knowledge to dig deep and reach out to:

  • conference attendees
  • conference exhibitors
  • conference speakers
  • your competition

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What a perfect opportunity to capitalize on time spent at a conference by taking your online connections and putting an in person face with the name. Talk about networking to the next level!

Utilize Instagram by taking pictures at the conference and keying in the hashtag in your comments. Now you’re going to be seen as an attendee in the know, a well connected person who others want to be associated with. Most every conference / tradeshow will likely re-tweet and re-gram (e.g. share on Twitter and Instagram) messages pertaining to the conference by the conference coordinators themselves. How’s that for exposure for you and your brand?

Social media is an effective way to maximize your time, funds, and efforts that go into attending a conference or tradeshow. Think of it as your megaphone to the conference. Timothy Carther is the Digital Marketing Manager for the trade show display exhibit company, Nimlok. He’s written a fabulous article on several ways you can successfully incorporate a variety of social media channels for you next conference. [Read ➳ How To Use Social Media To Make An Impact At Your Next Trade Show]

What questions do you have about these marketing trends? Feel free to ask in the comments. We love staying social with you and learning together. Here’s to making an impact with your connections through social media!