How to Create a Facebook Business Page: Getting Started


I recently wrote a post about going back to the obvious questions your customers have and writing the answers to them.Well, one of those questions we get at least 3 times a week is, “HELP! I am just starting out. How do I create a business Facebook page.”

We have several videos and blog posts about why you should start with a personal Facebook profile and then create your business page from that, but let me give you 3 more reasons you want to have a personal Facebook profile BEFORE you create a business page:

  1. Facebook wants to know there is a real person at the helm and will reward you with analytics, the ability to advertise and many features that are made for a business.
  2. You don’t have two different logins. You simply log into your personal profile and you can jump over to any business page you manage.
  3. You are not limited by the number of friends, fans, or followers you can have. Your personal profile caps out at 5,000, but a business page can have a billion+ fans and followers.

Before you start getting ideas of creating fake names or giving Facebook false information so you don’t have to divulge your real identity, relax. Your personal profile is not shared in any way on a business page and people who connect with your business page will not know you even manage the page unless you tell them. You should also know that you do not have to put anything on your personal profile at all if you are just creating the profile to connect to a business page. Don’t put your schools, your phone number or your address. The only information that Facebook requires when signing up is your name, email, and date of birth (needed by Facebook to verify you are old enough to be on Facebook and that they have an email to send you notifications if needed).

Once your personal profile is set up and you are logged in, either open another tab on your browser and go to or change the Facebook URL (web address) to that same address


How to create a Facebook business page

You are now at the PAGES starting point. These are all pages that other people have recently created, but you need to click the CREATE YOUR OWN PAGE button in the upper right. Click on that and then decide which type of business that fits you best. Each one has a few different features to help you build out your page. For example, a local business such as a dentist or restaurant will have a spot for you to put whether you have parking available for customers or what your business hours are, versus a band page will have a player for you to let visitors and fans listen to your playlist. Don’t lose any sleep over which category you initially select because you can change this at any time.

Now for a few universal features on Facebook that will be helpful for you to know. As of the date of this post (May 2015) if you hover over your profile pic or photo banner at the top of the page near the left side, you will notice a little camera that allows you to load a photo or change the photo you currently have there. SELECT A PHOTO is referring to photos you already have loaded on Facebook earlier, but UPLOAD A PHOTO is referring to a photo you have on your computer to load.

Another universal feature is how to edit or delete a post on your page (this works on your personal profile as well). If you post any content on your page or profile and suddenly realize you have a typo on it or perhaps you were delusional when you offered to give everyone 50% on a product and now you want to take that post down. Simply hover over the right side of any post to reveal a drop-down arrow that gives you options.

how to edit or delete a post on Facebook

Another benefit you have on a Facebook business page that is not available on a personal profile is the ability to schedule posts. You can pick one day a week, write out your content for the entire week, and then schedule one post each day at the ideal time to reach the greatest number of your fans. This does not mean you can ignore your page the rest of the week, since you should always check in on your page a couple times a day to answer any questions people may have left or reply to comments.

How to schedule posts on Facebook

At the bottom of the update box you have options to add a photo or upload a video, add a geo-location marker (great for a business attending a special event or wanting to show where customers can find you), or on the right you can schedule your post or save it as a draft for later.

Now the real work begins. Be strategic as you write and post content. Make it a nice blend of helpful resources, answers to questions your community is probably looking for, and a dash of tips.

Let me know if you have other questions that our team can help you with. Here is a another resource to help get you going:

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