Engaging with Your Pinterest Audience


Pinterest has grown at a rapid pace since its introduction in March 2010, with 47 million active users. Facebook may be the king in the social media marketing world due to its user base, but Pinterest is a useful resource for grabbing the attention of your audience through visual content. Additionally, many pinboards are themed around shopping ideas, so Pinterest users are already warm leads when it comes to product marketing. So how do you engage with your Pinterest audience and make this channel a valuable part of your marketing campaigns?

Plan Your Pinning

Pinboards are your primary tool for interacting with your Pinterest audience. You aren’t limited to a single board, so you can get as broad or specific as you’d like on the items you pin. Avoid pinning your own products or sourcing everything from your own website. While Pinterest users are more amicable to direct brand marketing than other social media channels, a mix of your own content and others creates a healthier mix. Plus, when you interact with other users on Pinterest, you reach an audience that may have never heard of your company before.

Content Types to Share

Every company has valuable content for Pinterest, even if it doesn’t seem like it at first. While many brands on Pinterest are lifestyle, crafts, and cooking companies, there’s an entire range of businesses who make this a major marketing channel. Pinterest users love well-constructed visual content, even if it’s not directly related to a product in these niches. For example, infographics are huge on the platform and are relatively simple to construct from resources your business has on hand. Look at data from your company and determine how it would relate to your audience.

When to Share Content

Like other content marketing channels, you don’t want to dump all your content on Pinterest at once. Not only do you oversaturate the site in one shot when you do that, you also only reach the audience that happens to be online at that time. Use analytics tools and spread your pinning throughout the month. Track the content that gets the most responses and determine how much of an influence the post time had on its success. Sometimes your target demographic is online at very specific times of day, so try to understand your buyer personas to know when they are likely to get online. Are they checking their phones throughout the day at work, or waiting until they get home from a 9-5 to check in on Pinterest. Regardless of the time of day you’re posting, make sure you consistently post new content to build interest.

Connecting with Influencers

Like every other social media site, you have power users who help elevate your visibility well above what you can do on your own. Look at popular Pinterest accounts relevant to your audience and see how they handle their pinning. Are they focusing on specific color schemes, types of products, or unique content? Reach out to these influencers by sharing their content on your pinboards so you begin building a connection. It may take some time to build up influencers who are passionate about your brand, but when you get their backing, you’re going to get plenty of Pinterest attention.

Network with Companies

Influential users aren’t the only people you should connect with on Pinterest. Don’t forget your fellow brands as well, even your competitors. While you don’t want to drive your audience into the arms of your closest competitors, it’s not a bad idea to pin products when you have the superior selection in the space. You also want to seek out vendors and other companies to do business with. Giving them a helping hand with their social media promotion by repinning their Pinterest content helps you get off on the right foot with these companies.

Comment on Relevant Content

Be engaged throughout Pinterest by commenting on relevant content your audience may be visiting. You don’t want to spam your brand information, since interested users can follow your profile and find out more information about your company. However, becoming a visible and active member on Pinterest increases your reach and makes your company more personable and relatable to the average Pinterest user.

If you need help managing your brand on Pinterest or any other social media site, contact one of our socially savvy team members today!