How Your Brand Can Engage with Your Audience on Twitter

Twitter is a go-to social network for many companies, as the 140-character message limit provides a great platform for short, sweet, and direct communication. You don’t have the space for extensive messages, which means embracing succinctness is an essential part of your Twitter marketing experience. Over time, you build up a following and populate your … Read more

Twitter Lifts the 140 Character Limit on Direct Messages

  It has  just been announced that Twitter will lift the 140-character limit on direct (or private) messages! If you are feeling rather verbose, you can now tweet 10,000 characters in a direct message to someone. (It doesn’t mean they will read more than 140 of those characters though) Now this can be great news … Read more

If You Write it They Don’t Necessarily Come: How often should you promote a blog post or other piece of content?

It chaps my hide me when I see a company spend lots of energy (and money) creating great content, whether that is a blog post, a survey, a video, or even an event they are putting on, and then they send one tweet out, or promote it one time on Facebook, and then wonder why … Read more