If You Write it They Don’t Necessarily Come: How often should you promote a blog post or other piece of content?

It chaps my hide me when I see a company spend lots of energy (and money) creating great content, whether that is a blog post, a survey, a video, or even an event they are putting on, and then they send one tweet out, or promote it one time on Facebook, and then wonder why they are not getting the response they wanted.

You may think the work is finished when you put the last period on your blog post, or when you click “Publish,” but your work BEGINS when you finish creating your fabulous content, whatever form it takes. So where can you promote your content and how often do you need to send out a promotional tweet or post? Is there an overkill level? Each platform has a different requirement.

Here are 8 places to promote your content and a sample of how often to do so:


Twitter is a fast-moving stream of content. Most people will only read what was posted in the last 10-15 minutes, so you will need to post here more often to let people know about your content. Let’s say you publish a blog post on Monday morning. Send a tweet out letting people know about it. Schedule another post to go out Tuesday around noon, perhaps rewording your tweet to promote it to those lunch-time readers. You can create another post to go out each day at different hours and you will not overload your followers. Be sure you are posting other content as well, so your Twitter feed isn’t filled with only your promotional posts. After week one, continue promoting that blog content at least a couple of times a week and then as you have more content in the cycle, perhaps it gets circulated once a month.


Facebook friends and fans may not want to see your blog post promoted every day, so perhaps you send out a post and then pin it to the top of your page for a few days. Two days after your Facebook post promotes your new blog content, you can ask a question of your audience and link back to the original blog content. On Saturday morning you might want to remind those weekend social media consumers of the great content they may have missed. After that, put it into your monthly circulation of content to bring out with a new question or angle on the original post.


On LinkedIn, you definitely want to promote the new content the day it drops, through a status update and perhaps drop it into your groups with a question to get a discussion going. A week or two after the original post shows on your website, add it as a post on your LinkedIn profile (if it was written by you, of course). This is a great way to showcase your writing and your expertise in a way that stays in a more prominent place since your status updates pretty much disappear (they can be viewed by going to a person’s recent activity, which most people don’t know how to find.)


Don’t forget about your email list. This is a great way to stay in touch with those who have subscribed to your newsletter or email marketing lists. Send a short note to let them know you have new content on your site that they might be interested. Add a short preview of the post with a photo and link to your post. You can even post a short teaser in your email signature and link to your blog post.


Use the photo from the blog to create a cool graphic with the link across the bottom of the photo. Instagram does not allow clickable or “live links” to be placed in the content area of your photo, but some people will change out their website link in their Instagram bio each week to highlight the blog post. You can also create a short video teaser for your blog post and let people know the link to find it.


Be sure to pin each of your blog posts to a Pinterest board and link it back to your website. This requires you to have a great photo in each blog post in order for people to want to pin and share it.


Just like creating a short Instagram video, you can create a short video clip to load onto your YouTube channel letting people know how they will benefit from your blog content. I have also seen people read their entire post on video (using a teleprompter so your audience doesn’t see you reading) and they embed the video at the end of the blog for those who would rather watch and listen.


Just like creating a video of your blog content, you can create a version of your post for people to simply listen to. WordPress and many other blogging platforms have a plugin that allows you to embed a player under your post to make it easy for your listeners.

What other ideas can you come up with to promote a blog post or other piece of content? Do share your thoughts and questions here in the comments area.

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