Twitter Lifts the 140 Character Limit on Direct Messages


It has  just been announced that Twitter will lift the 140-character limit on direct (or private) messages! If you are feeling rather verbose, you can now tweet 10,000 characters in a direct message to someone. (It doesn’t mean they will read more than 140 of those characters though) Now this can be great news for brands who handle a lot of customer service issues via Twitter, or any of us wanting to take a conversation and go deeper than 140 characters will allow.  This can be bad news for all of us who are already sick of spam messages that are under 140 characters.

Facebook is allowing your friends to not only message you privately but now they can click on “VIDEO CALL” and ring your computer. Perhaps social media sites are trying to tell us something. Is brevity no longer king? I doubt it.

There is no word on the street that Twitter will lift or expand the character limit on all tweets just yet, but it does seem that it’s about time. After all the original purpose for the 140-character limit had to do with those same limits on SMS text messages (anything over 140 characters converts to MMS message). So perhaps we will follow Facebook and Instagram and allow us all to be a bit more chatty soon, but the more I think about that, the more I think they might want to keep those birds in the cage!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. How can you see using the expanded messaging for direct messages?