Winning Social Marketing: Learning to Think Digital First

Steve is the owner of a well known dental practice in his town and is having a hard time transitioning from traditional marketing methods that they used to rely on, such as Yellow Page ads and postcard mailings, to digital marketing methods like email marketing and social media.

What to share on social media

Steve’s greatest challenge is getting his team (and himself) to think digitally. They participate in community events such as the Walk for the Cure, and several events to help at risk kids receive dental care each year. They attended their state fair recently as a team and even purchased 2 pigs from the 4H group, but not one of these events is featured on their social media sites, website, or anywhere for that matter.

Steve is speaking at a national dental conference in a month, as a thought leader, and they have 12 staff members who celebrate birthdays and work anniversaries, but you would never know about these things from their social media posts either.

What to share on your social media sites

So many businesses are “social” off-line, but their online community cannot participate, because the business and its team members are not thinking digitally.  Today’s consumer is online 5.6 hours PER DAY consuming digital media and 51% of that time is spent consuming that media from a mobile device. Over half a BILLION Facebook users access Facebook from their mobile devices and all of this mobile usage has everything to do with your new consumer’s behavior. They are not reading your mailers and they are most certainly not looking in the Yellow Pages anymore. If you are wanting to reach this new digital consumer and nurture the relationships, you have to start thinking and acting with a digital first mindset.

When you are looking for the ROI (return on investment) on your social marketing, start by examining your “I.” If you are not going to invest in social you certainly can’t expect a return. When your current customers engage with you online, their friends and family see it. They are marketing for you!

It’s also important to remember that social media and digital marketing is not just the responsibility of your marketing department or an individual who has to pull information from everyone. Today, your entire business has to learn to THINK and BE SOCIAL!

Here are 7 things you can start doing to get your business to stop USING social and BE SOCIAL:

  1. Each month discuss with your team the events coming up and how you want to share that information.

  2. Discuss which platforms will be best for each piece of content and who will post that information.

  3. Talk at every meeting about the need to take more photos of office and community events that are happening each week. If you really want to get crazy, see if someone feels comfortable shooting short videos of the events on their phone to upload to Facebook or to YouTube to share.

  4. Discuss what makes a great share-worthy photo.

    • Close-up and clear

    • Showing a slice of the action, not someone sitting alone in a chair looking bored.

  5. Consider adding a little fun competition to increase the likelihood of getting the focus on social and digital sharing. Give points for ideas, photos and more, to get everyone thinking social and digitally and reward with gift cards, coffee or other motivating prizes!

  6. Print up fun cards telling all in-office customers to get social with you online. Ask them to share their favorite photos regarding your industry (Steve’s customers can share photos of their best SMILES or of their favorite healthy teeth snacks and recipes).

  7. Run contests for your in-office customers to post their recipes, or photos of things that “make them smile” to your page and give away fun prizes.


If you need more ideas on what to post on your social channels, see our post, “30 Things to Post on Your Social Media Sites When You Don’t Know What to Say”


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