Content Marketing Strategy: What Makes You So Special?

Social media and content marketing is one of the most crowded spaces on the internet right now. Everyone and their nephew has hung out a shingle claiming to be a Facebook expert or now a Blab expert, so it is harder than ever to be heard above the chatter and all the blabbing! 

Is your industry crowded? When potential customers look for your services or products are you sandwiched in between hundreds, if not thousands of competitors? When we the last time you did a Google search for your industry topic? Every business believes they are unique. They believe they are the BEST. Some claim it on their marketing materials and even in their store windows.

When everyone says they are the best, the consumer searching thinks everyone is lying. Instead of saying we’re the best, let’s start showing it. Your content marketing strategy is about showing your community that you are helpful and trustworthy. You are going to be proving you are the best by creating so much “social proof” through your content that others will start talking about how great you are. 

Last week we had the assignment of discovering your sweet spot in your market. We looked at your brands true expertise and your passion points. (If you haven’t read that post yet, go back and read “Why Following a Content Marketing Strategy is So Hard” to get caught up)

This week we are looking at what makes our content, and thus our brand, unique. If there are 87,000 people who are talking about the same things, what will be your content tilt? How will the information you share be seen as different?  

Is there something about you or your brand that is truly different? Let’s look at a couple examples. 

Technorati claims there are over 17,000 food blogs and there are millions of entries so how can you stand out if you are a foodie trying to capture the attention of your audience? Well, Hannah Hart took her passion and figured it out when she created My Drunk Kitchen show on YouTube! With over 2 MILLION subscribers, she has figured out her uniqueness! 

my drunk kitchen

Perhaps your expertise gives you the twist you need to zoom in and dominate a crowded space. Could you serve a very specific niche that could open the door to content that would spread faster and wider? Joan Rogliano is a real estate broker who happens to be a “divorce specialists.” This is a niche that she can really make a difference in with her content and how she markets her business. Joan has special resources and workshops for people going through a divorce and of course can help them buy or sell their property. I would love to see her putting out videos and social media content that really spreads this easy-to-dominate niche!

Another realtor standing out with unique content is Jessica Edwards of The Carolina’s Finest Real Estate group. She dominates in the video content arena with over 400 videos on her YouTube channel (most of them with her talking to her dashboard-mounted camera). Her topic is not what is unique, her content delivery method is what sets her on top! And, she is charming and consistent!

Content Marketing examples of niche markets

Regardless of your industry, you must discover what makes you and your content unique. What can you share through your content marketing that makes you one-of-a-kind? If you are still trying to serve everyone, realize that it is a very crowded space. 

We struggle with this ourselves here at SocialKNX. We have several health and fitness buffs on our team and serve a large number of fitness, therapeutic massage and hormonal wellness brands and could write specifically for content marketing in these industries, but we have a large number of other businesses we serve, like professional speakers and authors, hotels, software companies, realtors, corporate training companies and even a fun educational science toy and media company. What we do that is different is managing the entire process. We don’t just post social media content, we don’t coach people on how they can do it. We don’t just blog or do newsletter management and email marketing campaigns.  We do it all for you. 

But our marketing content is not unique enough to separate us from the thousands of marketing companies out there. We need to find that twist, that angle, that unique approach to our content that makes us stand out. Like Jessica Edwards, we do quite a bit of video, but I will admit, I haven’t been as consistent as I’d like. I love answering the questions we get each week from our customers and from strangers via social media, and video is a quick and easy way to do it. I also know that we need to create a more unique approach, not so mamby-pamby, middle of the road, same-old-same-old, kind of content. Our content marketing strategy was developed to serve the small to mid-sized company that is trying to do it all themselves. We provide resources and tips to manage the chaos, until that company is looking for a partner to outsource their social and content marketing to.

So it’s YOUR TURN to spend time reflecting on how you can stand out in this content-saturated area of your industry. What can you do this week to start putting a more unique spin or twist on your content that is part of your marketing strategy? Next week we will take this information and craft our content marketing mission statement to help us stay focused each day. Until then, I’d love to hear your challenges, thoughts or questions on our 5-week journey together. Leave me a comment below and have a great and focused week!

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Gina Schreck is the president at SocialKNX, and is always exploring new ways to help people connect with their target audience!  Connect with her on Twitter or any other social media platform you are on  @GinaSchreck