Slideshare: LinkedIn’s Hidden Content Marketing Gem

We all love beautiful images. Our world is filled with text. We all suffer from infobesity, so anywhere we can insert a beautiful photo, a video, or show an image to explain something instead of text, our eyes fill with tears of gratitude, and when Slideshare was purchased by LinkedIn in 2012, I celebrated. LinkedIn has been (and still is for many) like a boring college textbook.

It then became very easy to add beautiful decks to your LinkedIn profile to highlight projects you have worked on (the keywords are… BEAUTIFUL DECKS! Don’t put up text-heavy slides that have more text than your LinkedIn profile). LinkedIn is still not the most visual of social media channels, so use this tool as a way to make your profile POP!

A study conducted at the Wharton School of Business found that 67% of the audience were persuaded by a verbal presentation that had accompanying visuals. Remove the visuals and that number dropped to 50%.


I first started using Slideshare to simply share my slide decks with audience members after speaking at conferences. I could load the deck and anyone could go and “have a copy of my slides” without me having to email them. I didn’t think beyond that. Sure I had my name and contact information on them, but I hadn’t unwrapped Slideshare’s true value yet.

I then noticed they were getting viewed by thousands of other people who didn’t even attend the event. That was when I started to see the marketing power behind Slideshare. I started adding a contact slide at the end as well as a slide that gave information on what we did at SocialKNX. I put a call to action, taking people from the last slide to a landing page that captured their email and delivered a value piece to them. Now Slideshare was becoming a lead generating tool!

Once the deck is loaded to Slideshare you can add a lead capture box, embed the deck into your website for an engaging marketing presentation sitting right in your sidebar or as a blog post. One way I like to use Slideshare today is to help extend the content created in each blog post and basically turn a single blog post into 10-20 pieces of great content.

Here is a content marketing example:

  1. Write a blog post on 10 tips for creating something
  2. Create a Slideshare deck with one tip on each slide with awesome images
  3. Turn each slide into JPGs to use as tweets, Instagram posts, Pinterest images leading back to the blog post, etc.

I used to start with PowerPoint to create the deck and then export to Slideshare, but then I discovered Haiku Deck.  Haiku Deck takes boring PowerPoint presentations that tend to get too text heavy and templatized, and turns them into art!

haiku deck for slideshare marketing

A couple tips for great Slideshare presentations:

  1. Keep them short.

    Remember the attention span of your reader is as short as that of a goldfish, and your potential customers have an attention span that is one second less than that! People are not going to stick around to read 87 slides any longer than they are going to stay awake during a presentation with that many slides. If you have a call to action at the end, you want them to make it there before slipping into a coma, and if you keep it short enough and interesting enough, they will want more from you.

  2. Keep the text light.

    Let your photos tell most of the story. Keep your bullets to 5 or fewer and aim for 5 or fewer words per bullet. No one wants to read a novel.

  3. Don’t forget to add that contact page and a call to action at the end.

    Don’t leave people wanting more and then they don’t know how to get it. Add live links in your presentation notes taking them to other content pieces on your website.

  4. Generate leads

    Slideshare now offers a wonderful landing page feature you can add to your marketing presentations. You pay approximately $8 per lead, but only if someone fills out the lead form. You decide when to have the lead box pop up during your presentation (after the 3rd slide, 5th slide, or at the end). Your LinkedIn account is charged, like running ads. Experiment with one.

using slideshare for content marketing lead generation


Have you used Slideshare yet? What other ideas have you used or seen for this hidden gem? Do share.

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