Four Ways to Make Social SEO a Priority for Your Website

seo and social media tips

How often do we hear someone say “Just Google it!”? More and more, search engines are the number one way people find answers to their problems and find businesses that can help them. It is important to try to make your website one of the top listings when someone “Googles It.”

Usually the big search engines, Google, Yahoo, and Bing have ten listings per page. Websites compete for those top spaces and the businesses that are effective in improving their website’s ranking receive the benefits of increased traffic and visibility.

You may have a wonderful website that reflects your branding and your goals. Your blog might be consistently offering readers a place to learn about content affecting your business, and the comments section is offering a way that your customers can connect with you and each other.

But are people coming to your website? Are they reading it and commenting? If they aren’t, your website is not offering your business the kind of help in the social media world that it needs.

Search Engine Optimization, SEO, or social SEO, will solve this problem. Here are four ways you can use SEO to make your website, and therefore your business, more productive.

1. Be Active on Social Media Sites

Chloe Mason Gray specializes in digital marketing and growth strategy for small businesses and solopreneurs. In a recent article about social media and SEO, Chloe talked about the importance of employing social search engines. Sites like Facebook and Twitter have their own search engines.

One way a customer may look up you or your business is to find you on social media sites. This can be a huge help to your SEO. Chloe explains:

“If you’re active on Twitter, it’s entirely possible that people will discover your company’s newcontent distribution app after searching for content marketing-related tweets with Twitter’s search engine. Likewise, brands that lend themselves to beautiful visual content can benefit from making their content visible in Pinterest and Instagram by using hashtags and properly categorizing their pins.”

2. Have an up-to-date social profile

Social profiles matter to search engines. If you search for a major company, you will see that their Instagram or Twitter profile is one of the top ten listings. Having your company’s social profile be up-to-date and active can make your brand online more fun and engaging.

Customers who are interested in the style of your company may visit your Instagram site to see branding in pictures. Search engines take note of this and make it a part of their algorithms.

3. Make an effort to attract vertical search engines.

Think of Google, Bing, and Yahoo as horizontal search engines. Vertical search engines are ones that are specific to one group such as, or The way to make it to a vertical search engine is to make your data feeds accurate. Vertical search engines look for information that is key to their topic and information that is complete.

4. If your company is a local business, emphasize that aspect.

More and more searches are done on mobile devices. People search out local restaurants and events. If a traveler needs a car part, they go to the internet on their phone and search for local auto parts stores.

In an article by Jason Deymer titled Why Local SEO is About to Become Even More Important, Jason comments:

“Proximity-based searches will likely start to become popular, and local searches will be based on hyper-specific locations, rather than just on a regional or neighborhood-specific basis. In effect, wearable devices will drive a much more geographically relevant network of information and eliminate even more barriers between the digital and physical worlds.”

So, if yours is a local business, capitalize on that by being vigilant that accurate information concerning your company is displayed on your website and other local websites that list businesses. Build relationships with other local businesses so your comments can be found on their websites. And, make sure you include good reviews on your site.

SEO is important to your business simply because you don’t want your company to be lost in the listings of thousands of others. Do your research and make SEO a priority for your company’s website. It would be wonderful when someone says that familiar “Google It!,” your company provides the answer they are looking for.