Genius Content Doesn’t Need Advertising

So many people are worried about the ad-blocking software out there and wondering how they will ever get their content pushed in front their audience or if they advertise will it even be seen. What if your content was so good you didn’t need to PUSH IT or pay to get it in front of people? What if people looked for your content and then told their friends they had to see it?

I had the pleasure of talking to Angie Castallano to discuss the 3 steps to creating content so good it doesn’t need advertising.


The three keys to content that gets shared are:

  1. Make it Funny (Entertaining)
  2. Make it Informational (Helpful)
  3. Make it Inspirational (Touch the heart)

Combine any of these and you score BIG TIME!

I’d love to hear your thoughts–what makes content SHARABLE to you?