Tell Us WHY We Should LIKE Your Facebook Business Page

We all get Facebook friend requests every day (well…except for those 4 of you on the planet who are still not on Facebook) and we most likely look at and accept many of them.  We get invited to events and ignore most of them since they are being held 8,000 miles away (PS-you CAN target who you send those to, you know…but that is another blog post altogether).  We may even tolerate those inviting us to take quizzes or play games every hour (mostly from my aunt and cousin), but when I get a request to like someone’s Business Page that just says “Like Bob’s Page,” I ask WHY?

why like your facebook page

What will I gain by becoming a following your page?  Now don’t get me wrong- I manage many business pages myself, and I believe most every business and entrepreneur should have a business page, but if I sent out a request to my friends, colleagues, and clients asking them to LIKE my page, I need to tell them what’s in it for them to do so. What will they get when they subscribe to my posts or follow one of our brands?

I can go out and send friend-requests all day long, but it’s a lot of work to market your business page. I have to convince people that I have something of value to offer. And if you are not sure what you have that is unique and valuable, that will be your first assignment. People are just getting too many requests for connections, to like pages, attend events, help raise funds, and on and on it goes.  If your business page is called “Frazzled Parents of Teens” you will get thousands of parents joining you.  If it is “Clean Houses without Lifting a Finger” and you provide tips on getting my daughters to stop leaving clothes in the middle of the floor, I am clicking that LIKE button so fast my fingernail will break.  Do you see the difference?

If your business name tells me the benefit, you will benefit. If your name is more obscure, you will have to remind people often, why they should join you. Invite people to like your page and tell them some of the great resources you have and what they can expect once they come over to click that LIKE button for the first time. And don’t think you can invite people once and they will listen. You have to invite people multiple times. Weekly. Maybe even as often as my cousin invites me to play the gangster game on Facebook!

So tell us in the comments WHY we should come and like your page…and don’t forget to leave the link so we can pop over and say Hi!

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Gina Schreck

Gina Schreck, social marketing