Making Space for Your Business Ideas

It’s early on a Sunday morning. I love coming down in the morning before everyone else gets up to have some quiet time. Don’t get me wrong, I am the most extroverted person (which is a big part of my problem) and I love being around people, but without time to sit and be still the chaos of the past week and the noise of the business week ahead crowds out the creative juices that I know are inside bubbling up.

We need quiet time, whether that is each morning, or at least once a week, to let everything from our head sift down and settle a bit. It’s only then we can find the gold nuggets that need to be plucked and polished for the week ahead. These become our important items to work on for the week.

During the day when the “urgent” comes barging in, interrupting our progress, we can more calmly address it and then look over at those nuggets we have sitting in front of us and get back to our plans.

So this morning or this afternoon, get away from the noise, take a walk alone, sit by a river or in a rocking chair to find a sliver of quiet space to reflect and then let the determination for your business goals begin to bubble up and start taking shape into action items.

I’d love to hear from you. Do you find it difficult to find this quiet time to plan or do you have a process you use?

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