What Can People See On Your LinkedIn Profile Before You Are Connected

LinkedIn profile

Whether you are concerned about privacy or concerned that potential clients and hiring managers can’t see enough of your amazing LinkedIn profile before they request to connect, you get to be in control of what people can see. You can adjust the settings to control what people can see on your LinkedIn profile. On every … Read more


social media followers

“Social media doesn’t work.”  “I’ve had a Twitter account and a Facebook page for years and I have never gotten business from them.” “My customers are not on social media.” I hear these statements over and over, and do my best not to blurt out, like a 4th grader, “you have to WORK if you … Read more

Getting Over the Fear of Using Video in Your Marketing

live streaming, video marketing

I’m still somewhat amazed, and yet completely understand when I see how few use video in their marketing. Video is one of the most powerful forms of content, whether it’s part of a webinar, a podcast, a live-streaming message or event, or simply a way to deliver a great piece of content. Video allows you to … Read more