Getting Over the Fear of Using Video in Your Marketing

I’m still somewhat amazed, and yet completely understand when I see how few use video in their marketing. Video is one of the most powerful forms of content, whether it’s part of a webinar, a podcast, a live-streaming message or event, or simply a way to deliver a great piece of content. Video allows you to connect with your audiences like text and photos cannot. So why aren’t more businesses using this medium? Here is the Facebook LIVE from yesterday where we discussed this very topic:

One thing to keep in mind as you consider incorporating video is that a “presentation” means you are rehearsed and you might feel more pressure to be perfect! A conversation means you are just chatting with your audience about something that is on your heart or mind. People would rather learn from a conversation than an overly produced presentation. Relax and just talk to your audience.

Don’t over-complicate things. Start with very simple equipment such as your smartphone, laptop or computer with a webcam. After a few videos, you will see if you need to add a new microphone or a new location that is more visually appealing. Perhaps you add a desk lamp in front of you for better lighting, but don’t get overwhelmed thinking you need it ALL before you get started.

so turn on that camera and GET STARTED! 


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tips for social video marketing

Some of the resources mentioned:

The iOgrapher (on Amazon) – Be sure to get the one that fits your model of phone!

The lavalier mic (with a 20-foot cord – from Amazon) – There are others with shorter cords but give yourself the freedom to step back or move around.

Here is how I was set up with the iOgrapher. I had the feed coming through on my iMac behind the phone/camera so I could see comments easier and just to make sure it was rolling fine.

Facebook Live for social media marketing