Where to Begin with Your Social Media Marketing

how to begin with social media marketing

Social media marketing can leave even the most seasoned entrepreneur exhausted and filled with frustration. We all start on this journey in a similar fashion–a head full of dreams and a heart filled with hope. Everyone dreams of the successes that lie ahead when they start their business. Sure we all know there will be challenges … Read more

5 Reasons You Haven’t Been Able to Make Social Media Work

reasons social media wont work

I know evolution is a slow process, but we’ve been using social media channels in our marketing for over ten years, and I still get daily questions like, “How do I make social media work for me?” “How to do I build my social media presence faster?” “Why isn’s anyone following me back or clicking … Read more

Remove The Facebook Mask: Use Your Personal Profile To Manage Your Business Page

different types of facebook pages and profiles

This mistrust of Facebook and any other social media site, causes people to want to wear a mask and set up a pseudonyms to protect their identity while they wander around the “social” web. Kind of ironic when you think of it.