Taming Those Wild Marketing Tendencies

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Many agree that the world of marketing and social media today is like a wild jungle or zoo. So many social media channels and tools to discover and plenty of opportunities to hurt your business along the way. So how do you tame the marketing beasts and help your brand thrive in these wild times?

Just like there are different personality or communication styles, there are marketing styles or tendencies that we may fall into that can trap us or hurt us if we don’t learn to balance those with some good habits.

If you haven’t taken the “WHAT IS YOUR MARKETING SPIRIT ANIMAL” quiz, go take it to see what your tendencies are.

We are going to take a look at four of the beasts that can help or hurt your marketing and give you some tools to tame them.

Spray and pray marketing

The Elephant:

We know that elephants use those long trunks to spray themselves as well as everyone around them, so this animal represents the SPRAY & PRAY marketer. Just throw a bunch of good content and interesting posts out there to see if anything sticks and draws someone in. This often leads to frustration when the water runs dry and you realize that all that effort has led to very little, if any, return.

Without a strategy and daily plan to draw your ideal customers closer, it won’t happen. Step back and outline your purpose on each channel. [READ: Where to Begin with Your Social Marketing] Write specific activities that will help you achieve that purpose. Do you need to add a strong call-to-action at the end of your blog posts before promoting them on social media? Are you capturing email addresses with landing pages and helpful content pieces that help build trust with your ideal audience members? There are several steps needed before you start spraying social media posts.

too serious on social media

The Owl:

Owls are all business and oh so serious. This animal represents the DRY & NOT-SO-SOCIAL marketer. Only posting business content that shows their expertise and wisdom. While this is not all bad, you could be missing the point on SOCIAL media sites, and that is, to be SOCIAL.

Like the strategy outlined in our elephant’s profile, you may need to plan to be social throughout the day. Make time to comment and like other people’s content. Create or find some fun content that shows a lighter side that people may be more likely to connect with. On Facebook, especially, look for ways to create fun posts that encourage engagement, not just consumption. Perhaps a question to your audience? A fill in the blank statement. A fun photo that you found that people in your industry would find the humor in. [Check out our 30 Things to Post on Social Media When You Don’t Know What to Say]  and download our guide: 20 Types of Facebook Posts to Increase Engagement.

all social but no marketing plan

The Dolphin

Dolphins are playful and fun. Who doesn’t want to hang out with one of these friendly creatures? This animal represents the VERY SOCIAL BUT NOT CONVERTING TO BUSINESS marketer. Dolphins are on their social channels a lot; commenting and sharing everyone’s content but putting very little focus on their own business strategy. They are always wishing others happy birthday or congratulations on business accomplishments. Being “always present” but applying little focus on your own content can hurt your brand. People start to wonder, “What do they actually do?” “How do they actually make money?”

While being friendly and social is important, don’t forget why you and your brand are on these social media channels in the first place. You want to connect with potential customers, draw them in closer to you with helpful and interesting content and find a way to do business together. Even if your product or service doesn’t seem to fit the model for creating a sales funnel and content to draw people in. Activity on social media can seem futile without a solid plan. How could you personalize your marketing if you had people in different email lists? Could you create some special promotions or content pieces that are for a very targeted audience? How could this help you close more business?

marketing plan for social media

The Zebra

Zebras are social and efficient, traveling in packs to help each other survive. The zebra is INTERESTING AND HELPFUL, blending focused content with social activities to draw others to them. Regardless of how amazing your content is, without a plan, your content is will not return the results you hope for.

To be more efficient in your marketing, create a plan that ties into your overall business goals. If your goal is to increase brand awareness because you are a new hair and nail salon, you need lead magnets or tip sheets on hair and nail care that people can download and have your location and phone number at the bottom. Add a 10% off your next visit coupon and you can track the number of people your social media activities brought in. If your goal is to build a mailing list for your new book launch, you need lead magnets that allow people to exchange their contact information for the item being downloaded. The more specific you make your lead magnets, the better you can qualify someone and even put them into different lists in your email system to further customize your offerings. If your goal is to drive sales, you may want to look into buyable pins on Pinterest, or the shop feature on Facebook and Instagram. Tie your social media activities to your overall business goals and you will not just survive in the social jungles, you will thrive and greater success spending time there.

So regardless of your “Marketing Spirit Animal” be sure your animal is tamed and has a plan to turn that social media activity into business. Let’s all make sure we are putting more focus on being helpful and interesting with our content to draw people in, build trust and business.

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