How to Deliver Your Lead Magnets and Capture the Contact Information

Last week we looked at how to create lead magnets as an important step in your marketing and sales process. In case you didn’t read the last post all about lead magnets, head here to catch up. But as a quick refresher, lead magnets are those free pieces of content that you use to draw … Read more

What is a Lead Magnet and Why Do I Need Them in My Marketing?

Perhaps you’ve heard this term, “Lead Magnet” and wondered what it is. Maybe you’ve heard them called freebies, giveaways, value offers or a slew of other terms. The bottom-line is they are a crucial part of your marketing mix and without them, it is hard to measure your success and many times, it’s hard to … Read more

The 3-Step Formula to Ensure Your Social Media Activity Will Help You Reach Your Business Goals

Hitting business goals with social media is like planning a family vacation: You don’t start with planning potty-stops (well unless you travel with someone who has an extremely small bladder, then you just might). Yesterday a new client asked how many posts per day we will be sharing on Facebook and how many on Twitter. … Read more

Facebook Business Page: It’s Never Too Late to Get Started

Have you been meaning to set up a Facebook Business Page for your business but have just not had the time to figure it all out? Have you been using your Facebook Personal Profile for your business and now even your mom and sister have blocked you? You may feel that everyone is too far … Read more