Top 50 Social Media Blogs! It’s Great to Be Recognized but…

We all work tirelessly in hopes of providing value to our audiences. We sometimes don’t know if it will be met by crickets or applause, but we do it anyway…day after day.

not responding to comments on blog or social media channels

I was excited to receive a nice note that our blog here had been recognized as one of the top social media blogs. Of course, I love to hear that someone saw the content that I have written over the years and found it valuable enough to mention to others, but I get super energized when someone comments and lets me know that I just solved a problem they’ve had in their marketing or that I was able to make something understandable that intimidated them before.

I’ve been blogging for over 10 years between my old company, Synapse 3Di and here at SocialKNX, I also jump on and do regular live video streams to answer questions and teach something, post videos, and tips on social channels and then recently I started a weekly podcast, which is a lot of work but so much fun! So I know that regardless of the recognition, it’s important to constantly put out content!

It’s all about content, content, content! We need to find ways to get our content out to our audiences via writing (blog), video (YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. etc.), or audio (podcast or even live streaming with audio only). Like I mentioned in my last post [How to get your brand KNOWN], you can be an expert, but if no one knows about you, it is expertise wasted.

So don’t wait another day. Commit to start producing more content and sharing that brilliance with the world. We will be cheering you on over here!

Let me know what questions you’d love to have answered and definitely connect with me on your favorite social channel.