How to S.L.A.S.H. Negative Impact on our Confidence

How do we develop more confidence in our business? How do we protect the confidence one it starts to grow? I have 5 things you can do to protect that confidence and allow it to blossom! We are going to take our swords and S.L.A.S.H. the negative influences.

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Putting Honest and Supportive People Around You with Tricia Wackerly

Tricia was “an accidental entrepreneur” raising kids and learning as she went along. She shares the importance of being honest with clients and not just doing what they think needs to be done and also finding people who will be supportive and honest with us! She gives a great question to ask our loved ones when they come to us for help as well. BONUS PARENTING ADVICE!

Be sure to connect with Tricia at or on any social channel @TriciaWackerly