If You Write it They Don’t Necessarily Come: How often should you promote a blog post or other piece of content?

It chaps my hide me when I see a company spend lots of energy (and money) creating great content, whether that is a blog post, a survey, a video, or even an event they are putting on, and then they send one tweet out, or promote it one time on Facebook, and then wonder why … Read more

10 Blogging Tips for New Bloggers and Social Media Marketers

tips for blogging

Social media marketing is much more than Facebook posts and tweets; blogging now needs to be a major component in your marketing strategy. Whether you are just getting a blog started, or you have finally realized that content marketing is critical to your business’s success and you are recommitting to it, I have compiled 10 tips that will help you get it on the right track.

You Are A Writer, Now Start Writing: Getting That Blog Going

In today’s marketing environment, we must make a shift in our activities and start making time to write. Our prospects are not answering their phones when we cold-call and they don’t read the mailers we send. they are searching Google and we need our content to be found!

A 12-Second Lesson on Why You Should Start Your Own Blog

Today I got a notice that 12Seconds.tv was shutting down.  If you had never used this service, it was basically Twitter on video.  You created a short (well, 12-second) video message using your webcam or mobile phone and it went out to your friends.  There were many people who spent a lot of time crafting … Read more