How to Know If Your Business Is Suited For Social Media

Messy office social media transparency

There are some businesses that can’t allow people to pop in on them for fear they may see something less than perfect as well. They want everything well scripted and professionally produced before they will allow the world to stop by. The problem with social media, is it should be more “in the moment” and spontaneous.

Build Your Blog Audience and Social Followers by Getting Personal

blogger blogging

Most new bloggers worry that no one will see their posts when they first start blogging and many on social media feel the same way when starting out. “Why should I post anything when no one is following me yet?” Then when people finally comment or retweet something there is no response. It takes a … Read more

How Important is SPEED in Social Media Customer Service?

social media customer service

We manage the social media accounts for many brands; Hotels that are open 24/7, consumer food products that are consumed 24/7 and many businesses that are not open 24/7 but whose customers and fans are online 24/7, and then there is our own brand that is not 24/7 but often feels like it. In the … Read more

Is It Time To Get Help With Your Social Media Marketing?

If you’re considering hiring a part-time marketing assistant or you’re questioning whether you could outsource some of your social marketing activities