I Have to Create a Facebook Page for My Company But Don’t Want it Linked to My PERSONAL Profile

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You’ve been asked by your manager to set up a Facebook Page for the business or perhaps you have a business, but still do not want to link it to a personal profile that you use for family connections and REAL friends.

Facebook Algorithm Changes: 3 Things Your Business Must Do

people panic over Facebook changes

Many of us woke up this week to find business owners and marketers running through the streets screaming and gnashing their teeth as the news of Facebook’s algorithm changing again came out. What will happen? Business pages will no longer be seen by anyone…ever! Facebook calls its algorithm the “Audience Optimization Tool” and it is … Read more

Understanding The Four Faces of Facebook in 2017

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What started as a college connection tool has evolved into a Quad-Faced, personal networking and professional business behemoth. Along with this evolution has come great confusion. How to separate personal from professional use? What is the difference between profiles, pages and groups? Here is an overview of the four faces

Facebook Business Page: It’s Never Too Late to Get Started

Have you been meaning to set up a Facebook Business Page for your business but have just not had the time to figure it all out? Have you been using your Facebook Personal Profile for your business and now even your mom and sister have blocked you? You may feel that everyone is too far … Read more

Remove The Facebook Mask: Use Your Personal Profile To Manage Your Business Page

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This mistrust of Facebook and any other social media site, causes people to want to wear a mask and set up a pseudonyms to protect their identity while they wander around the “social” web. Kind of ironic when you think of it.

Facebook’s Decline In Organic Reach Is Nothing To Cry About!

One thing you don’t want to do is throw your money away on just getting more people to LIKE your page, since they won’t see the content anyway. You want to drive people to landing pages, email sign up pages, or your contact info pages so you can get in touch with them in other ways. Here is one brilliant way to do that.

7 Reasons to Use a Facebook Business Page Over A Personal Profile

“Can I just use my personal profile on Facebook for my business?” The short answer is, “NO!” The longer answer has to do with these 7 reasons you don’t want to do keep operating your business from a personal profile.