Remove The Facebook Mask: Use Your Personal Profile To Manage Your Business Page

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This mistrust of Facebook and any other social media site, causes people to want to wear a mask and set up a pseudonyms to protect their identity while they wander around the “social” web. Kind of ironic when you think of it.

Facebook’s Decline In Organic Reach Is Nothing To Cry About!

One thing you don’t want to do is throw your money away on just getting more people to LIKE your page, since they won’t see the content anyway. You want to drive people to landing pages, email sign up pages, or your contact info pages so you can get in touch with them in other ways. Here is one brilliant way to do that.

7 Reasons to Use a Facebook Business Page Over A Personal Profile

“Can I just use my personal profile on Facebook for my business?” The short answer is, “NO!” The longer answer has to do with these 7 reasons you don’t want to do keep operating your business from a personal profile.

3 Strategies to Tame the Social Media Beast in Your Business

Effective content marketing takes more than throwing a post up now and then to let visitors know you are still around. Here are the three strategies to help tame this social beast.

SocialKNX Question of the Week: How Do I Connect My Personal Profile to a Facebook Biz Page Without Revealing Personal Information?

If you’ve been asked to manage a Facebook page at work or you’ve not had your personal profile connected to this point, let’s get you set up right.

Don’t Be Afraid! Busting The Fear of Facebook Sharing Personal Information On Business Page

This is a fear many business owners, or employees who have been tasked with setting up the business Facebook Page, struggle with. I hear from office managers, who say they were told to set up a Facebook PAGE for the company but they don’t want to attach their PERSONAL PROFILE to it.

4 Steps To Commenting as Yourself On a Facebook Brand Page…Is This Easier?

Last week Facebook made another tweak to how admins of a business page can post on their brand pages. While you have always been able to go into the settings and check a box to ensure you ALWAYS COMMENT AS your brand to avoid having your personal profile post something that ended up going to your friends and family members who would see it on your profile wall, Facebook has made switching between personas a little easier.