GRAB YOUR KIDS & SMALL PETS: Smart Phones Take Over the World

Last night as I drove home from the airport, I got to thinking how many gizmos and gadgets I had sitting in a pile (my new tech museum) in my office that were now rendered useless because of my phone!  Just eight short months ago, the new Google phone entered my life and at the … Read more

Social Sharing: Important Trend or Evil Plan to Take My Crown?

“I’m watching Biggest Loser.  I joined a local kickboxing class this week and will try to lose weight with these contestants!” “Eating at my favorite deli for lunch- the best egg salad sandwiches in the world!” “Anything by SEAL is a favorite song” People want to share their life experiences with other people.  Whether they … Read more

5 Brand Management Tips to Be More Responsive in Your Social Community

I had a great stay at the W Hotel in San Francisco last week.  I was there speaking at a conference and like I always do, I share my experience with my community through various social sites.  I checked in using FourSquare, I added a glowing review on TripAdvisor, and of course I sent more … Read more

Session Notes & Links from ASTD (American Society for Training & Development)

Thank you to all the FABULOUS learners at ASTD’s international convention in Chicago.  Here is a recap of my session with links and a few of my slides and side rants (thrown in for your entertainment value!). The title of my session was, “Using Today’s Technology for the Game of Learning!” If our goal is … Read more