Live Streaming with Meerkat and Periscope: What You Need to Know to Start Using These New Apps

Just when you think you can’t add another tool to your marketing toolbox, along comes not one, but two new live-streaming apps, Meerkat and Periscope. While these new live streaming apps may not be for everyone, if you are ready to add a little fun into your marketing, you might want to take a look at how you can incorporate one of these new tools.

Why Oprah Can Sell Anything and 5 Things You Can Learn From Her for Successful Social Media

I think people would buy vats of lard if Oprah said eating it would be good for us. She can sell anything. True she has spent 25 years building her empire, but here are 5 things we can all learn from Oprah and incorporate into our social marketing strategy

Tech Trends for 2010: What Had Us All Talkin’?

In the world of social media and technology this year, there were many tools that stood out, or commanded lots of our attention, but we took on the top 5 that we felt really impacted business or had many of us trying to figure out how to be more strategic and effective with them. Donna … Read more

LEFT BEHIND: The Painful Price of Not Keeping Up With Technology

Although a Nielson study showed that those 65 years and older pick Facebook as one of their top internet destinations, I believe it is because they are trying desperately to access their family that left them in this foreign land so they can slap them!

Don’t Make Me UNFRIEND You!

In most relationships there is a honeymoon phase, where we learn about each other, we are more tolerant of idiosyncrasies and we even see the best in each other…until you get on Facebook!   We are hyperconnected through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other sites with so many people that we don’t have time or patience … Read more

A 12-Second Lesson on Why You Should Start Your Own Blog

Today I got a notice that was shutting down.  If you had never used this service, it was basically Twitter on video.  You created a short (well, 12-second) video message using your webcam or mobile phone and it went out to your friends.  There were many people who spent a lot of time crafting … Read more

SOMETHINGS GOTTA GIVE: Making time for social media

Yesterday someone sent me a question that really got me thinking.  It doesn’t take much to send my brain off on a 2-hour tangent, but this was a question we all struggle with.  Her comment and question was this: “I am marginally involved in social media, but, like most of us these days, I’m so busy … Read more

SPINNING SOCIAL PLATES: Using Facebook LISTS to manage personal & professional connections

We want to stay in touch with family and friends, but is it wise to use one social site to manage all of our connections? We have our professional contacts sharing business tips and our best friend from junior high school posting photos of herself on her boat. This can’t be good for our professional … Read more

GRAB YOUR KIDS & SMALL PETS: Smart Phones Take Over the World

Last night as I drove home from the airport, I got to thinking how many gizmos and gadgets I had sitting in a pile (my new tech museum) in my office that were now rendered useless because of my phone!  Just eight short months ago, the new Google phone entered my life and at the … Read more

Your Face- Your Brand! Tips for Great Social Media Head Shots

I suggest that people take new headshots every couple years or more often if your look dramatically changes.  It’s always awkward when a conference speakers or someone you have known through online sites walks through the door and not only do you not recognize them but you wonder if their son or daughter is who … Read more