What is a Lead Magnet and Why Do I Need Them in My Marketing?

Perhaps you’ve heard this term, “Lead Magnet” and wondered what it is. Maybe you’ve heard them called freebies, giveaways, value offers or a slew of other terms. The bottom-line is they are a crucial part of your marketing mix and without them, it is hard to measure your success and many times, it’s hard to … Read more

What’s the Difference Between a Marketing Agency and a Social Media Company?

content marketing versus social media marketing, whats the difference between social marketing and digital marketing

It can be confusing today looking for help with your social and digital marketing, especially with all the different terms out there: Social media, social media marketing, content marketing, inbound marketing, social media management, internet marketing and more.

You Are A Writer, Now Start Writing: Getting That Blog Going

In today’s marketing environment, we must make a shift in our activities and start making time to write. Our prospects are not answering their phones when we cold-call and they don’t read the mailers we send. they are searching Google and we need our content to be found!