Is It Time To Get Help With Your Social Media Marketing?

If you’re considering hiring a part-time marketing assistant or you’re questioning whether you could outsource some of your social marketing activities

You Are A Writer, Now Start Writing: Getting That Blog Going

In today’s marketing environment, we must make a shift in our activities and start making time to write. Our prospects are not answering their phones when we cold-call and they don’t read the mailers we send. they are searching Google and we need our content to be found!

Don’t Be A Creepy Networker: 4 Tips For Building Trust Online

Don’t get so caught up in “collecting” followers, friends, or business cards online, that you miss the opportunity to actually connect and build relationships that will lead to wonderful partnerships, business opportunities and even friendships.

Pinterest: Why Women Love It, (Most) Men Don’t Get It and (All) Businesses Need To Pay Attention To It

Pinterest is kind of like sitting in a room with a group of friends, each of us with a stack of our favorite magazines, thumbing through them and showing everyone the dream kitchen photo, a wonderful vacation spot or bacon bandaids, that we all agree “must be purchased immediately.”

Magnum P.I. Would Have Been A GREAT Social Media Community Manager

…this rare and treasured community manager has a secret desire to be a private investigator, a crime scene investigator or a member of Charlie’s Angels.