Live Streaming with Meerkat and Periscope: What You Need to Know to Start Using These New Apps

Just when you think you can’t add another tool to your marketing toolbox, along comes not one, but two new live-streaming apps, Meerkat and Periscope. While these new live streaming apps may not be for everyone, if you are ready to add a little fun into your marketing, you might want to take a look at how you can incorporate one of these new tools.

Home Sweet Connected Home

I missed being able to instantly share photos with my family and friends via Instagram whenever I felt like it. I missed being able to just log in at the end of the night to check email or the latest news in the Twittersphere without wondering how much data I was consuming. I’ll admit it, I missed being a carefree data consumer taking mega and giga bites whenever I wanted.

Getting SCHOOLED On My Mobile Phone Safety Features

With many teens and pre-teens toting smart phones and devices these days, parents need to take a summer school class in their carrier’s offerings to keep our families safe when using mobile devices. You need to be smarter than your child, or at least act like it, when it comes to online safety.

10 Tech Tools to Be More Productive (and Maintain Sanity)

Armed with laptops, tablets, smart phones and 5 hour energy drinks, we should be able to complete that 4 hour work week that Timothy Ferriss says is possible. With social sites to update, apps to learn how to use and our actual job duties to complete, we just need a few more of those 5 hour energy drinks and

Tech Trends for 2010: What Had Us All Talkin’?

In the world of social media and technology this year, there were many tools that stood out, or commanded lots of our attention, but we took on the top 5 that we felt really impacted business or had many of us trying to figure out how to be more strategic and effective with them. Donna … Read more