How to Know If Your Business Is Suited For Social Media

Messy office social media transparency

There are some businesses that can’t allow people to pop in on them for fear they may see something less than perfect as well. They want everything well scripted and professionally produced before they will allow the world to stop by. The problem with social media, is it should be more “in the moment” and spontaneous.

Stop Using These Crappy Images On Your Social Media Posts

Free photos for social media and blog posts

Your social media marketing has gotten more visual. Great photos and graphics are critical for success, and yet people are still posting these crappy styles

The 3-Step Formula to Ensure Your Social Media Activity Will Help You Reach Your Business Goals

Hitting business goals with social media is like planning a family vacation: You don’t start with planning potty-stops (well unless you travel with someone who has an extremely small bladder, then you just might). Yesterday a new client asked how many posts per day we will be sharing on Facebook and how many on Twitter. … Read more

Facebook Business Page: It’s Never Too Late to Get Started

Have you been meaning to set up a Facebook Business Page for your business but have just not had the time to figure it all out? Have you been using your Facebook Personal Profile for your business and now even your mom and sister have blocked you? You may feel that everyone is too far … Read more

5 Reasons You Haven’t Been Able to Make Social Media Work

reasons social media wont work

I know evolution is a slow process, but we’ve been using social media channels in our marketing for over ten years, and I still get daily questions like, “How do I make social media work for me?” “How to do I build my social media presence faster?” “Why isn’s anyone following me back or clicking … Read more

What Can People See On Your LinkedIn Profile Before You Are Connected

LinkedIn profile

Whether you are concerned about privacy or concerned that potential clients and hiring managers can’t see enough of your amazing LinkedIn profile before they request to connect, you get to be in control of what people can see. You can adjust the settings to control what people can see on your LinkedIn profile. On every … Read more

Getting Over the Fear of Using Video in Your Marketing

live streaming, video marketing

I’m still somewhat amazed, and yet completely understand when I see how few use video in their marketing. Video is one of the most powerful forms of content, whether it’s part of a webinar, a podcast, a live-streaming message or event, or simply a way to deliver a great piece of content. Video allows you to … Read more

Social Media Passwords: Hate them or despise them-tips to protect them

how to manage social media passwords

As I was looking through the “Bizarre and Random Holidays” I noticed that May 5, 2016 was National Password Day. I chuckled to myself picturing a party around that holiday. I mean, who creates these bizarre and mostly irrelevant holidays? Who is the keeper of that gate that opens just once a year? I don’t … Read more

Stay on Top in Social Media with These Learning Resources

self improvement social media learning

You don’t stay at the top of your game by sitting on the bench. We’ve all heard the pithy statement, “be a lifelong learner,” and everyone says they want to stay on top, out front, and in the know, but so few actually do anything about it. Social Media books are a challenge since the … Read more