Creating a Digital Will: 6 Things To Do While You’re Still Alive

digital will for social media

We never want to talk about death or dying but we know it could happen at any moment… today we have to consider more than who will get our collection of birdhouses. We must take some time to make a social media or digital will. We also need to have our family members do the same.

Get More Retweets Shares and Followers With These 5 Tips

retweets on twitter

Learn to be more interesting and helpful with the way you write each tweet to ensure they get more viral power. Here are 5 tips that will get you going.

I Have to Create a Facebook Page for My Company But Don’t Want it Linked to My PERSONAL Profile

not sharing facebook password

You’ve been asked by your manager to set up a Facebook Page for the business or perhaps you have a business, but still do not want to link it to a personal profile that you use for family connections and REAL friends.

How to Know If Your Business Is Suited For Social Media

Messy office social media transparency

There are some businesses that can’t allow people to pop in on them for fear they may see something less than perfect as well. They want everything well scripted and professionally produced before they will allow the world to stop by. The problem with social media, is it should be more “in the moment” and spontaneous.

Stop Using These Crappy Images On Your Social Media Posts

Free photos for social media and blog posts

Your social media marketing has gotten more visual. Great photos and graphics are critical for success, and yet people are still posting these crappy styles

Where to Begin Your Social Media Marketing When You Are Starting from Zero

where to start with social media

Everyone wants to know, “What social media platform should I focus on if I am just starting out?” or “Where do I begin my social media marketing if I am starting from scratch?” These are not questions that have a simple answer, although everyone wishes they did. If only the answer was, “Just post one … Read more

Where to Begin with Your Social Media Marketing

how to begin with social media marketing

Social media marketing can leave even the most seasoned entrepreneur exhausted and filled with frustration. We all start on this journey in a similar fashion–a head full of dreams and a heart filled with hope. Everyone dreams of the successes that lie ahead when they start their business. Sure we all know there will be challenges … Read more

Social Media Passwords: Hate them or despise them-tips to protect them

how to manage social media passwords

As I was looking through the “Bizarre and Random Holidays” I noticed that May 5, 2016 was National Password Day. I chuckled to myself picturing a party around that holiday. I mean, who creates these bizarre and mostly irrelevant holidays? Who is the keeper of that gate that opens just once a year? I don’t … Read more

Stay on Top in Social Media with These Learning Resources

self improvement social media learning

You don’t stay at the top of your game by sitting on the bench. We’ve all heard the pithy statement, “be a lifelong learner,” and everyone says they want to stay on top, out front, and in the know, but so few actually do anything about it. Social Media books are a challenge since the … Read more