5 Tips for Using More Video in Your Organization

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(updated August 2016) Our society has an insatiable appetite for video.  It has grown steadily over the past 11+ years since the birth of YouTube and businesses are still behind in using more video in their marketing and customer education. According to statistics compiled by Website Monitoring YouTube has BILLIONS of views per day and people … Read more

SOMETHINGS GOTTA GIVE: Making time for social media

Yesterday someone sent me a question that really got me thinking.  It doesn’t take much to send my brain off on a 2-hour tangent, but this was a question we all struggle with.  Her comment and question was this: “I am marginally involved in social media, but, like most of us these days, I’m so busy … Read more

The Controversy Around the Digital Divide

I grew up with 3 TV channels (not including the mysterious UHF channels which never had anything of value to a kid), I was the remote control.  I played records not MP3 files, on my Fisher Price record player.  The only phone we had was one with a very long cord that could be pulled … Read more

Social Media Revolution

Technology brings about change. It always has; but the speed in which the change is occurring is staggering. Do you have time to wait? How can you embrace and use today’s technology for your business growth? How can you bring BIG LEARNING to yourself and your teams using some of these tools? Watch this short … Read more